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During the day, sunlight illuminates your home and brings joy and warmth to the family through the windows in your house. However, this excitement and warmth come with dangerous heat and ultraviolet rays. Closing the curtains can avoid this problem, but can limit the amount of light. Window film architecture is the solution to this problem. Learn about the differences that our architectural window tinting Red Deer service can provide.

All types of buildings, such as homes, offices, retail stores & commercial buildings, pose the most significant security risk in windows. Shattered window glasses due to any form of collision can cause severe damage to people as well as property. That is why many homeowners and businesses rely on us for window tinting; it doesn’t matter the kind of building; a museum, the library, architectural window tinting provides both protection and privacy.

Why Go For Architectural Window Tinting Red Deer

UV Damage

Even at home you and your valuables are more vulnerable than you think due to the dangers of the sun. Exposure to ultraviolet rays and excess sunlight through each window can cause fading of all sorts of furniture, and this cannot be repaired in most cases where the furniture pieces are one of a kind. From your art paintings and expensive furniture to hardwood floors, carpets, and curtains, everything is at risk damage. Our film filters out visible light, removes heat generated from the sun and blocks more than 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays. This dramatically reduces the risk of damage and protects your valuables.

Many people are not aware that regular windows practically have no protection against ultraviolet radiation. Adding an architectural window tint film can reduce exposure to harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Energy Savings

Red Deer homeowners are interested in protecting the environment and conserving valuable resources. By reducing cooling and heat consumption, you can make daily changes. Our films will help you use solar thermostats to maintain a stable indoor temperature. Reducing the air conditioner or oven can consume less energy, reduce carbon emissions and save utility costs.


Window tints protect from the eyes of lurkers, as well as the content in your building from passers-by through the reflective film on the building.

Photosensitive Conditions

Window Film conjointly reduces the harmful effects of daylight if you suffer from a light-sensitive condition.
Solar management window film is usually prescribed for those who cannot tolerate daylight.

Reducing The Brighness Of Reflection

By lowering the brightness caused by reflections, you can see more comfortable TV and computer screens and less inconvenience, making your home environment more comfortable and functional.

Increase Comfort

With less heat than the sun that falls through the glass, the sun’s heat is less, and the access point is so small that residents can enjoy a much more comfortable indoor temperature condition.

Why Choose Our Architectural Window Tinting Red Deer Services

When investing in a home or an office window tints there are several companies to choose from, but none of them provide the quality and performance you can find with our Red Deer window tinting company. Our product line for window tinting uses the latest window film technology to produce products that will last several years without discoloration and distortion. Our products are professionally installed by qualified vendors to protect the home in the long term.
Immediately after installation, our window tints improve the quality of life by filtering out harmful rays, reducing energy costs and protecting property. If you are looking for a window or commercial window application, we can provide you with a product that suits your needs.

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