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Protection Against Impact, and Wear and Tear!

Our Red Deer headlight protection film is practically a clear film that gives the most awesome protection for your headlights. Our headlight protection film has been subjected to a 500mph test, simulating the flight speed of modern-day jet aircraft. We have also subjected our headlight protection film to a temperature of -30 centigrade, which resulted in no harm to the adhesive or film. Aside from using our headlight protection film for your vehicles, it can be used on landing gear lights, radar nose-cones of a jet aircraft, airplane wing tip lights etc.

Modern acrylic headlights are prone to scratches, fine hairline fractures and pits from flying road debris that can permit moisture to penetrate the lens thereby leading to fogging. The acrylic headlight of today are very costly to replace, and it could cost around $450 to $3000 per lamp when replacing the lamps on some models. But, with the aid of headlight protection film, your lights are safe and the need for a replacement won’t be needed. Another wonderful ability of the headlight protection film is to prevent yellowing and hazing of the acrylic lens as a result of damage caused by UV exposure. This is because headlight protection film has UV inhibitors.
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Do Need A Headlight Protection Film Quote?

Do Need A Headlight Protection Film Quote

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Protection Films

Our company offers tail light covers, lamin-x headlight and fog light covers which are readily available in a wide range of choices and color option for you to select from. Each of the color options at your disposal serves its unique purpose, but at the same time, each of our films shields your headlights from becoming sandblasted or cloudy.

Well Over 10 Years of Experience Our Window Tinting Red Deer Shop Has The Experience

We work in line with the national standard of the car protection film, that is why we only employ only professional and experienced car film installers to do our jobs. Each of our staff is reliable, trustworthy and gets the job done quickly as well. So whenever we fix your headlight protection film, we do it with speed and precision.

Nationwide Warranty

We can beat our hands to our chest that our service and product is the most durable, clearest, and strongest protection film currently in the market. This is why a nationwide warranty is included in any of our packages.

The Best Car Protection Film Prices

Special thanks to our window tinting Red Deer companies national buying prowess, we are able to acquire protection film materials at a fantastic price so that you can get mind-blowing results at very affordable costs as well.

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