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Protective paint film (PPF, transparent film or transparent paint) is a thermoplastic urethane film applied on the surface of a new or used automobile paint to protect against damages from salt, frying and small abrasions. This film is also used in airplanes, trucks, mobile phones, electronics, screens, motorcycles, and many other areas. Paint protective film approved by all automakers.

Protective paint film wraps are mostly collected by automotive parts manufacturers (for example, Porsche Hinterbogen). This film is most often used in places where there are large vehicles. This type of film is usually installed by authorized professionals who receive inventory from external traders. Some shops where you can buy automobile spare parts also offer this service.

The primary function of a transparent film is to protect against stone debris, frying, various other types of damage to the surface of car paint as well as other scenarios.

Paint screen protectors are mainly attached to the front of the car, but can also be attached to the entire car body to provide maximum paint protection.

Why You Need A Paint Protection Vehicle Film Wrap

The primary purpose of this protective film is to protect the surface of the car from damage and wear. This film has excellent protection against waxes, sealants, and coatings, it provides excellent protection and is resistant to weathering, abrasion, and deposition.

Some scenarios you need to consider;

1. Chip locks may contain solid materials.

In most cases, falling stones will occur along the turntable or the rear wheel arch and in front of the car. However, small rocks and debris on the road can hit other parts of the vehicle. For example, a car traveling in the left lane may lift a small stone that touches the rear door of the passenger seat. If you do not protect the door with a protective film paint, this stone can leave a dent.

2. Birds Care Less What Part Of Your Car They Soil

Bird droppings can only be painted if you are at risk. If it is not noticed immediately, it can quickly form in a transparent layer on the roof of the car, leaving a significant chemical stain. There is no chance that a falling stone will appear on the roof of a car, but the chemical flow of new feces is more common on the roof than anywhere else.

3. Tree Sap Will Stain Wherever It Lands

People also underestimate the bark, which can damage the machine. Tree saps, just as bird droppings, are acidic and can get scratched in the transparent layer of the car if they are not removed immediately. If your vehicle is parked under a tree, surface damage may be caused by tree sap.

4. The Sun Shines Completely On Your Whole Vehicle

If the rain stops and the sun gets hot, the situation with the car will not improve. Direct sunlight can damage car paint and skin. With prolonged exposure to ultraviolet rays, the paint on the vehicle oxidizes and looks cloudy or diffused. Every part of the vehicle exposed to sunlight is at risk of oxidation. We here in Red Deer get to exoperience all 4 seasons that take a toll on our vehicles.

Why Choose Our Red Deer Paint Protection Services

  • Our protective film is not visible.
  • You cannot see the 3M film on your car, and you can wash it as before. Color protective films can improve the appearance of the vehicle, providing a brilliant look.
  • Protective paint, varnish save Paint
  • Sunlight causes discoloration. Use 3M film to protect your car paint and reduce damage from harmful rays. Protective paint films reduce fading and discoloration, so the colors look better, and the vibrancy lasts longer.
  • Paint protection film wraps are easy to Remove
  • There aren’t side effects if you get a 3M car wrap. It’s easy to remove the film whenever you’re ready, without damage to the vehicle.
  • Favorable automotive coverage.
  • Car covers can be applied to automotive surfaces to protect surfaces. Protective paint films save you money on the road because you avoid damage. It also helps to save the cost of the car during resale, because many buyers are interested in appearance.
  • Wear a protective film on your car and use it and you go: Invisible films protect the car without changing its shape. Friendly and quick service is always expected at our window tinting Red Deer facility. Work on schedule to ensure maximum comfort. Save the car in a new and easy way!

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