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Whatever your location, be it at home, school or office, your safety is our utmost priority. Our Red Deer window tinting company provides window films that can ensure the protection of your properties from severe weather conditions, blasts, and even accidents. These films can be used for security applications to delay forced entry, also in food processing where glasses are found, to prevent shards of glass from falling into the processing plants. These types of window films are essential for safety in some applications.

Why Do You Need Safety & Security Windows Films?

Here are some applications of safety and security window films:

  • Reduces the risk of break-ins

Break-ins are unavoidable in every environment. Our Window films have a protective layer that is sealed to the glass of your office, business or home. This protective layer aids in preventing robberies, break-ins, and home invasions.

  • Prevent Harm Caused By Shattered Glass

Anyone could be at risk of shattered glass in an environment. Windows could be shattered by furniture falling over, tree branches or from kids playing. These type of window films help in holding the windows together in the event of shattering. It keeps the glass fragments from getting thrown, thus protecting anyone close by.

  • Protects against Ultraviolet light

Ultraviolet lights can cause damage to company equipment, and it can also make the conditions of a facility, challenging. Getting a safety and security window film would greatly help to prevent the interference of ultraviolet light.

  • Enhance Privacy

Since most criminal activities occur mostly during the day, window films can be used to reduce visibility, hence keeping criminals and intruders away.

  • Increased Protection From Accidental Blasts or  Hazards.

In the case of an explosion in an area containing a lot of glass, the risk of injury is high because of flying glass. Some window films have been specially designed to hold this flying glass, thus protecting the environment and retaining the glass within the window film itself.

Why Choose Our Window Tinting Red Deer Safety & Security Window Film Services

  • Our team of professionals are experts in window film installation. We make recommendations to your needs and also install window films in a timely and professional way.
  • Our window tinting Red Deer based office provides durable, high quality and affordable window films that won’t break your bank.
  • Window films add a polished appearance to your office, school or home.
  • We have lots of experience over the years in rendering this service, and we have the expertise to give you the best in your projects.

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